Prophetic/Psychic Dreams..Or Coincidence?

KnightsPaladinEarthAngel Asked: Prophetic/Psychic Dreams..Or Coincidence?

so this is a lil bout my dreams i've had:
1. long ago i dreamt that i fell off a cliff and the next day i watched the news and this guy fell off a cliff and died.
2. about 4 days ago i dreamt i predicted a plane was going to crash and as i was watching a plane take off it crashed (in my dream)…a day after that i watched the news and i saw they were talking about the Reno Air Race crash..which left about 10 people dead.
3. i had a dream about someone dying..and the next day i go to school i find out one of our schoolmate was shot and killed.

so what do you think? please no sarcasm! by brother keeps saying i have a gift.
and i am prett good and picking up peoples mood w/o them expressing it and good at predicting outcomes.


Cave Johnson Answered:
Psychology has already recognized the subconscious significance of dreams and Ifor one believe it will one day uncover the metaphysical phenomena behind prophetic dreams.

Shenaynay Answered:
Given that there are 300 million people just in the US alone it is hardly surprising that very often someone will be falling off a cliff, crashing a plane or getting shot.

So it is a coincidence, no one has ever been able to prove that they can foresee the future.

Tim M Answered:
From what you have described it sounds like you have experienced a precognition . This is when we can have a brief glimpse into a future event without any fore warning. It just happens and we do not necessarily know the meaning of it until it has passed or the event unfolds. Many individuals have precognitive dreams and they are shown a specific event or happening and they do not always make the connections until it actually happens.They can be re occurring and they can have the same dream over and over until it happens and then they make the correlations and connections. Much of the time they come in a fore warning. That an event will happen and some will become harmed or killed. Not always but this is common. What you experienced seems more like a generic, waking precognition. These can be more astounding as you are in a conscious state and there is a big difference from the sleep state. You know what you experienced and there is no question if it was a dream or not. I would be on the look out as they could continue to happen. Possibly you are waking to your inner abilities and this is a first step along the way. Good luck

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