Pokmon LeafGreen/FireRed question?

Rachael Shultz Asked: Pokmon LeafGreen/FireRed question?

Hey, I am getting ready to face the Elite 4 and I plan on using Articuno.My current pokemon are as follows:
Dragonair lvl 41: Surf,Thunderwave, Slam, and Dragon Rage.
Snorlax lvl 44: Body slam, yawn, rest, strength
Venusaur lvl 44:sleep powder, poison powder, leech seed and razor leaf.
Kadabra lvl 44: Psychic, Psybeam, Confusion, Recover
Gyrados lvl 44: Deragon rage, surf, bite, hydro pump.
Vulpix (soon to be Ninetails)lvl42: fire spin, flamethrower, quick attack, will-o-wisp.

Which pokemon should I swap for Articuno and if you have any tips/move changes, I'd be most grateful. Thanks!

P.S: What is the average level of the Elite 4's pokemon? Thanks once again!


Chuck Answered:
Swap out kadabra unless you intend to evolve him. If you do, ditch snorlax.
I am a MARINE Answered:
Highest level of Elite 4 is level 70 something. You will get owned if you don't have patience to level up your pokemon.
Anthony Answered:
i agree with chuck. if you've already gotten to the point where you can face the first with the elite four, snorlax may not be of too much help. kadabra could also be switched. i'd say those are the top two candidates for being switched out. for me, i'd switch snorlax. i cant remember which pokemon is weak to psychic moves, but you may need those attacks it has.
Andrew Answered:
The person above me clearly has not played Fire Red/Leaf Green. The highest level pokmon in the Elite Four is 63, your Rival's Starter. Lorelei (the first person)'s pokemon start at 52. So you'll never to level all your pokmon to at least 50. As for your party, remove Snorlax and switch it with Articuno and evolve Alakazam.
Mikal Answered:
i say train them up cause their pokemons are 60-75 i belive and i say take out kadabra or nintails depending. for ninetails i would switch fire spin for fire blast sure its a D.O.T move but it doesnt do much extra damage for kadabra i say evolve it oh and i say put in a butterfree with double team, sleep powder, agility and one attack move it makes it a pain cause after like 2 or 3 times they can barly hit u. butterfree would get hit only like 12% of the time after lik 3 or 4 times and switch butterfree out for snorlax and evolve dragonair

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