Pokemon Yellow – 0 Exp Part 12: Elite Four Agatha

Elite Four's very own ghostly mistress of annoyance. Running sleep, paralysis, confusion and wrap, Agatha can be a nightmare to face and having the right Pokemon out for each of her annoyers can be a blessing. Though Agatha is associated with ghosts, all her Pokemon are actually poison-types, much like Koga's, meaning Golem has a super-effective, powerful Earthquake for everything besides Golbat here, and he is kinda supposed to wall Golbat completely due to his rock-typing. I'm saying "kinda" because the video shows that doesn't necessarily have to happen. Her ghosts are actually unique in that they run different movesets, and depending on which one you're fighting, Nidoqueen/Starmie/Golem may be the best pick. The lead Gengar has Mega Drain making Starmie and especially Golem bad choices, but Nidoqueen is perfect for this, seeing how this Gengar doesn't run Psychic (or Dream Eater, even though we'll never allow ourselves to be hit with that silly move). The sole Haunter is primarily an annoyer, and Golem should wall him. However, my Golem was weakened by Golem's annoying tactics by that wretched Golbat, and I was so pissed that I just wanted to revenge that thing with Rock Slide after several turns of torment and pain instead of using a Full Restore (or I could've kept the toxic so that Lick and Hypnosis wouldn't be able to affect me). So Starmie dealt with that Haunter instead. Arbok is worse than he looks, as Glare and Wrap can make our pain endless. Nidoqueen is <b>…</b>