Pokemon team please help me decide?

Trina N Asked: Pokemon team please help me decide?

Whats a good pokemon team for Soulsilver?
I have already beat the elite four once and am now in kanto.
My team:
Gengar (45)
dream eater

dark pulse
hyper beam

blast burn

aqua tail
dragon rush
hyper beam

Signal beam

Ice bite( or whatever its called)
dragon pulse

I am considering replacing someone with mamoswine, or maybe a psychic or dark type due to the fact that 4 out of 6 of my team are supper effected by ground/rock types. please if you have any tips on different movers or a switch in the line up it would help. And I am aware that they need higher levels before i take on the elite 4 a second time 🙂


aaroncori Answered:
Well, My suggestion is for every pokemon you have, you should pair it with something that is powerful against whatever the other pokemon's weakness is. Like, say you have Typhlosion, and suddenly you go up against a water trainer. You should bring with you a grass or electric type pokemon, so that pair is unstoppable, especially in Double Battles. For every Electric type you have, bring a ground type to pair with it. For every grass, Bring a fire. Your team will eventually become unstoppable. And if your going to fight red, your going to need to do some MAJOR training. All his pokemon are 80+, and your going to need a bunch of powerful. Go here to find out which pokemon he has, and raise pokemon powerful to his types; http://www.serebii.net/heartgoldsoulsilv For red, i suggest you bring a charizard, gyrados,, lucario, ampharos, dragonair, and your groudon, if you have one. If not, something else you got thats high lvl and ground. If you want a party for just anything or anyone, pair up like i said before.

daniel mcalhany Answered:
I would switch out with maybe a dark type. Maybe get a water type too.

NewbyGamor Answered:
Just go and beat them. Playing in-game doesn't really require team planning. I do it with all Pokemon games, I just wing it. The only time I do and I think you should plan a team is for WiFi.

naimul1225 Answered:
Perfect just make shure you know whats' happening and take consideration you'r own weakness and strength in you'r team.

shonei Answered:
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Papanda1995 Answered:
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