Pokemon team leaf green?

Asked: Pokemon team leaf green?

This is a repost.
I'm about to get Blaine's gym. And this is my team. All are at LEVEL-65
1) Charizard- Ember, Flamethrower, Steel Wing, Wing Attack
2) Nidoqueen- Double Kick, Water Pulse, Shadow Ball, Bite
3) Starmie- Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Surf
4) Victreebel- Solarbeam, Giga Drain, Secret Power, Acid
5) Tauros- Shock Wave, Ice Beam, Iron Tail, Strength
6) Hitmonlee- Rolling Kick, Jump Kick, Brick Break, Rock Slide.
Any suggestions?

* 16 hours ago
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Additional Details
Suggestions for everything! Change of team, change of tactics, everything! 🙂

16 hours ago
Okay I am getting rotten eggs for a Lvl. 65 Charizard knowing Ember. But I'm outside Blaine's gym now. When I get Fire Blast from him, Ember will be duly replaced.


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