Pokemon Team Judger, anyone?

Tyler Asked: Pokemon Team Judger, anyone?

So i've had a team built for some years now and now i'm kinda questioning if i should switch out two of the pokemon or not.And note how the team is made up of first gen. pokemon (which i didn't entirely mean to do so at first) and i plan on switching the two i'm questioning with first gen. pokemon of the same/similar types.

The current team is as follows (moves are listed directly below the pokemon as well for further judging for any further judging for improvement individually):
– Shadow Ball
– Poison Jab
– Psychic
– Thunderbolt

– Magnitude
– Rollout
– Earthquake
– Flamethrower

– Thunderbolt
– Psychic
– Low Sweep
– Discharge

– Fire Blast
– Psychic
– ThunderPunch
– Flamethrower

– Ice Beam
– Hydro Pump
– Dig
– Surf

– Air Slash
– Hyper Beam(really questioning if i should change this one)
– Steel Wing
– Fly

The two that i was questioning are the Gengar and the Golem and i was planning on switching them out with an Alakazam and a Sandslash, but i also don't know what moves would bring out the best of either one (alakazam and sandslash).Any ideas on what i should do?


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