pokemon team help please?

cody Asked: pokemon team help please?

Garchomp jolly fire fang,earthquake,outrage swords dance
spiritomb relaxed nasty plot,shadowball,dark pulse,calm mind
slowbro bold thunder wave,scald,psychic,slack off
staraptor adamant close combat,brave bird,U-turn return
arcanine jolly close combat, wild charge,flare blitz extremespeed
can anyone tell me if this is a decent team and what my last pokemon should be?


kentucky Answered:
Yes, e) is the answer.He originally started lining the elements up by atomic mass, since at that time they did not know about electrons, protons and neutrons, and even the idea of the existence of atoms was controversial.Also remember that the Noble Gases had not been discovered, so they weren't there.He noticed that there were gases "Periodically" throughout the list he made, so he changed the list into a table with similar materials being placed below and above each other.In some cases, this arrangement didn't quite work and he had to slide the row over by one spot to keep properties the same.This created a hole that he said had to be filled.

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