Pokemon TCG Deck Building Help?

Dylan K Asked: Pokemon TCG Deck Building Help?

Hi I'm new to the Pokemon TCG and I was wondering what kind of decks I can Build, I was thinking about a Grass and Psychic Deck since I've obtained a copy of the "Green Tornado" and "Toxic Tricks" Starter Decks. I need to know how to build a deck, what cards to get (i.e. staple cards, main attackers, etc.) and if there are any better choices to what decks I can build. I just wanted to snatch up the last copy of these decks and try to put them to good use! Appreciate the help! Thanks!


Jackie Answered:
I dont work for free
B Answered:
I see bad things in your future if you date Mike W.
psychic powers are blocked by the internet, plastic, and a disturbance in the force so i really cant help you

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