Pokemon Leaf Green Team?

Levi Asked: Pokemon Leaf Green Team?

I'm trying to figure out my team. They're all around lvl 30 right now, this is what I have so far:
-rain dance

-will o wisp

-solar beam

-drill peck
-tri attack

-ice beam
-rock slide

I do not have these movesets yet, these movesets are just my educated guess. I have room for 1 more, but I don't know what. Maybe a dark type? Also any moveset suggestions or pokemon switches would be nice.


WTF Bomb Answered:
Judging by the moves you gave, I think you should start training an electric type instead of a dark because of how dark typed Pokemon are only Super Effective against Ghost and Psychic which your Ninetales and Exeggutor can handle I hope.
The choice of Electric pokemon I would prefer to you are, Magneton or Eletabuzz.
Magneton for its dual steel/electric
or Eletabuzz for how you can teach it Brick Break and other fighting moves.

For Blastoise I suggest giving it either Iron tail(if you don't chose Magneton) or earthquake
And for Ninetales I'd teach it Sunny Day

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