Pokemon Help!!!! Opinion Help…?

Arif Mobarak Asked: Pokemon Help!!!! Opinion Help…?

What are two good Pokemon that can take on Ghost, Dark and Psychic types and also stand up to a Legendary?


Ty Warren Answered:
Let's see……. Absol can stand up to all Ghosts and Psys pretty well, and with the right move set, his speed will let him take down most Legendarys.. As for a second Pokemon, I recommend Gyarados. He's got a lot of varying move types that make him good against anything. But avoid playing him against Electric types, unless you know you can get 1HKO.

Nick A Answered:
Anything dragon would help. And if you got a decent bug pokemon it could work out decent (but avoid the poison/bug combo cause psychic will destroy it.)a good example would be sycther or pinser. parascect is also a good choice except, its part grass so poison moves will hurt it, and some ghosts are half poison.

Ghost actually is effective against itself and psychic, so it may also be a good choice. gengar is prob the best non legendary ghost.

so consider a few bugs, butterfree would be acceptable in a squeeze against the 3 elements but not against a legendary.
but consider the following.


and a few others too. experiment!

Da Mexican Romeo Answered:
Feraligatr if he gets one Dragon Dance up then he can do a lot of damage to anything!!!


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