pokemon heart gold team?

clockwork prince Asked: pokemon heart gold team?

my cousin deleted my old team back when i had it, and i guess i now have a new team that my cousin used his action replay to get i guess its his way of applogizing to me so i'm working with it

hitmonlee lv. 29
hi jump kick, double kick, jump kick, rolling kick

kyogre lv. 28
water pulse, surf, body slam, muddy water

mew lv. 30
pound, psychic, mega punch, metronome

spiritomb lv 30
dream eater, shadow sneak, hypnosis, faint attack

shaymin lv 30
growth, magical leaf, leach seed, synthesis

pupitar lv 30
bite, rock slide, thrash, dark pulse

my cousin raised this team from lvl 10 when he captured it, and returned it to me today with it. -_- he hopes this will make up for things i dont know


wishdog Answered:
this is a pretty good team but it depends on where you are in the game. If you're getting your last few badges it wouldn't hurt to have them be stronger ut other than that its good

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