Pokemon Heart Gold Team?

Asked: Pokemon Heart Gold Team?

It's a little late for me to be playing this game, I know :3

But I finally found it and I want to make a great team.
Based on the guides and other questions I've seen, this is the team I'm thinking of. Right now, I'm only at Violet City with a Quilava, Pidgey, Wooper, and Mareep. I'm planning this team.

Typhlosion(It's a female, I can breed it to get moves)-
Lava Plume
Thunder Punch
Focus Blast

Ampharos(Female also)-
Signal Beam
Focus Punch

Togekiss(planning for a female)-
Aura Beam
Air Slash

Espeon(I don't have access to trade for an Alakazam)-
Undecided moves, probably Psychic as a sure one.

Tyranitar or Steelix?

And last, Lapras- Undecided Moves.


Looks good to me, Togekiss is sketchy though..idk about that one. And definitely tyranitar..
Um…For a good suggestion, try and only have one Type of each Move on each Pokemon for a wider Movepool. And, Tyranitar for Attack, Defense, and the Special Defense boost of Sandstream/ Sandstorm. Steelix for its Defense and Speed. Here is a good team for you from your list of Monsters:

Eruption – Since it's Speedy, it can pull this off with full HP to most HP left.
Swift – Always hits, and hits all opposing Pokemon.
Sunny Day – Powers up Fire moves and weakens Water moves.
Solar Beam – Kills those Rock, Water, and Ground types with one turn with Sunny Day.

Signal Beam – Causes Confusion sometimes.
Thunder – With Rain Dance, it always hits.
Rain Dance – Makes Thunder always hit, and weakens Fire moves, but increases Water moves.
Cotton Guard – Makes your Defense raise x3. It's great, I tell ya.

Metronome – Signature move of a non-Legendary Pokemon. Very handy, but also bery deadly.
Psychic – Kills Fighting types.
ArouraBeam – Good type coverage.
Shadow Ball – Kills Ghost types that can't tutch you.

Psychic – STAB and lowers foe's Special Defense.
Shadow Ball – Lowers Special Defense, and more movepool.
Signal Beam – Gets them Dark types with Confusion sometimes.
Future Sight – Good for ending battles epicly.

Payback – Good for being slow in the first place, for you may get it doubled power with STAB.
Stone Edge – STAB and Critical Hits.
Earthquake – Good move that strikes everything.
Shadow Claw – Kills everything else with more movepool.

Iron Defense – Doubles Defense, which is pretty darn high.
Iron Tail – Can lower opponent's Defense.
Crunch – Kills and lowers Defense.
Curse – Raises Attack and Defense by one stage, and lowers Speed by one stage.

Sheer Cold – Good last-resort move.
AncientPower – Can raise your Stats all by one stage each.
Aqua Tail – Good STAB.
Ice Shard – When about to die, this goes first with STABing.

So, yeah. That's a good moveset. If you want to change it, go ahead. It's just the average things to do. And with Lapras, you might wanna add Zoom Lens to raise Accuracy of Sheer Cold, if you want.

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