Pokemon Emerald Team Help?

madz Asked: Pokemon Emerald Team Help?

Marshtomp Lv.33
Nature: Adamant

-Mud Shot
-Take Down
-Water Gun

Lileep Lv.30
Nature: Quirky

-Confuse Ray
-Bullet Seed

Torkoal Lv.31
Nature: Lax

-Body Slam

Gardevoir Lv.32
Nature: Modest

-Calm Mind
-Shock Wave

Swablu Lv.30
Nature: Hasty

-Steel Wing

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Thanks, Madz ;-D


Abhishek Answered:
Swampert ( But the best choice is Blaziken)

Gardevoir ( good choice )

Rayquaza ( if you don't want any legendaries , select Salamence Or Altaria )

Lilleep ( But armaldo is a good choice ) ( ludicolo will also be good if you were selected blaziken as ur starter or shiftry – great choice )

Toarkol ( But the best one is Camerupt and ninetales ) (walrein – if you were selected blaziken )

dusclops or glalie

please change the movesets . it is too weak . teach some powerful tm moves for that team

teach earthquake , surf , ice beam or some other

solar beam
u turn

flame thrower
over heat

shadow ball
and some dark type moves

dragon claw
steel wing

this was my team

lanturn ( ludicolo , flygon , gyarados are other replacement )
Rayquaza ( if you can't get it choose Salamence )

spartanpenguin Answered:
sounds good to me. it might be missing something, but my friends used similar tactics and the kicked *** so it sounds good.

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