Pokemon Emerald Team Help?

madz Asked: Pokemon Emerald Team Help?

Marshtomp Lv.33
Nature: Adamant

-Mud Shot
-Take Down
-Water Gun

Lileep Lv.30
Nature: Quirky

-Confuse Ray
-Bullet Seed

Torkoal Lv.31
Nature: Lax

-Body Slam

Gardevoir Lv.32
Nature: Modest

-Calm Mind
-Shock Wave

Swablu Lv.30
Nature: Hasty

-Steel Wing

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Thanks, Madz ;-D


Abhishek Answered:
Swampert ( But the best choice is Blaziken)

Gardevoir ( good choice )

Rayquaza ( if you don't want any legendaries , select Salamence Or Altaria )

Lilleep ( But armaldo is a good choice ) ( ludicolo will also be good if you were selected blaziken as ur starter or shiftry – great choice )

Toarkol ( But the best one is Camerupt and ninetales ) (walrein – if you were selected blaziken )

dusclops or glalie

please change the movesets . it is too weak . teach some powerful tm moves for that team

teach earthquake , surf , ice beam or some other

solar beam
u turn

flame thrower
over heat

shadow ball
and some dark type moves

dragon claw
steel wing

this was my team

lanturn ( ludicolo , flygon , gyarados are other replacement )
Rayquaza ( if you can't get it choose Salamence )

spartanpenguin Answered:
sounds good to me. it might be missing something, but my friends used similar tactics and the kicked *** so it sounds good.

Ash Ketchum Answered:
Yeah…good enough team…but if you might wanna add any other pokemon you might wanna make em with good statsand moves

ohnoessss Answered:
unless youre doing competitive battling over wifi dont wry about your type disadvantages too much.
keeping the same pokemon move sets should or more affective would be
fire blast, blast burn, solar beam, sunny day
x-scissor, iron head, night slash, gig impact
surf ice beam psychic, calm mind
faint attack, curse, moonlight, toxic
return, shadow claw, reflect, attract
sudowoodo > golem bc he has less weaknesses, idk what that guy above was talking about.
but rock slide, sucker punch, hammer arm, double edge orrrr cross chop if you wana breed it into him or brick break

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