Pokemon Diamond team rate?

Ajay Asked: Pokemon Diamond team rate?

This is my team
Infernape:Flamethrower,Fire blast/Flare blitz,Close combat,Hidden power ice
Staraptor:Fly,Close combat,Brave bird,Roost
Dialga:Draco meteor,Blizzard,Last 2 moves not decided
Floatzel:Surf,Crunch,Ice beam,Dig
Azelf: Psychic,U-Turn,Nasty plot,Last move not decided
Roserade: Sunny day,Solarbeam,Synthesis,Petal dance

This is my pokemon diamond team.Please rate the team out of 100 and suggest any changes


Grimslade the Grimbold Answered:
Not bad, maybe add a Physical move to Dialga.
I'd rate around 85-93…
Bman Answered:
Well if this is a competetive team you have to lose Dialga and Azelf, other then that find someone like Garchomp to replace Dialga and Get someone like Gallade or Gardevoir to replace Azelf, if your looking for a good Sp. Attacker get Alakazam not Gardevoir.
Talvin Answered:
Everything you need to know is here:
ravnstarlillith Answered:
unkempt possible scientist or a serious researcher as an occupation.

Dude, trust your instincts. If you make a mistake, you can always go back and if you can't go back, it wasn't worth having anyway.

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