Pokemon Black/White 2 team.?

Asked: Pokemon Black/White 2 team.?

I have already beaten the game. I do not want any Legendaries other than Zoroark. I was wondering what pokemon to replace, or effective moves for them. I do need one pokemon for surf, and one for fly.
Starmie: has surf, recover, icebeam and psychic.
Gliscor: Acrobatics, Guillotine, Earthquake and swords dance.
Zoroark U-Turn, Foul Play, Shadow Ball and Grass knot.
Togekiss: has fly, wish, Safeguard and AncientPower.
Arcanine, ExtremeSpeed, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun and Wild Charge.
and Magnezone: Magnet Rise, Explosion, Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon.



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