Please help vme understand why these psychics are saying the same things? What does this mean?

Asked: Please help vme understand why these psychics are saying the same things? What does this mean?

This must be a sign! Ive had two of the most randon people show up In my life and tell me a little about my future. I won't say what they have told me as I dont want to jinx or share it yet. I will first say that I have never, and never well go see psychics. Nor do I advise it. Idk if they were psychics or some other kind of future see'r. I had a nurse 2 nights ago after we covno'd it up for several hrs tell me my future. guy was dead on. I tested him "Noo…idk about that" He's like "No, you do. I see you doing these things and you will be successful". He gave me colors, what I was doing and # details. He said it freaked him out how he knew what he knew, and was seeing what he was seeing & clearly. Tripped me out a little too!

Whats wierd about this Is for one of the several things the guy nurse said Id do, a lady I met working at a deli back In 2009 told me the same thing. I told her "I want a lb of potatoe wedges" and this lady straight stared at me for 10 seconds too long w a slight smile. In my head I was like "wtf" she smiles a big one b4 getting back to my wedges. "You blank & blank huh?" she asks me and has a look like she already knows the answer. I try to hold back a smile. "how did you know?" She goes I have a gift. She was like "I havent had a clairvoyant vision like this in years". I wonder If anyone has experienced something wierd like this?


I am a psychic too so yes we do exist, and apparently God wanted you to know that you were on the right path so HE sent these two people to you to make sure you knew to keep it up.
Its like blank and blank aya know and blank.
satan/demons try this. satan/demons have been around since the beginning so they know much about family, friends and others. Psychics use demons to tell them things like this. A demon will tell them to tell you something like this: 'your mom will call you in two days'. And then to make this happen demons go to your mom's house in two days and whisper until she calls you. Demons just manipulated your mom to call you, but you think the psychic is something. Well they are evil and use evil to do and/or influence things to keep you from God.
Do not invite evil into your life or that of others.

Evil can and does try to manipulate us if it can. And through these people it is easier to do.

Forer effect.

"I havent had a clairvoyant vision like this in years"
Meaning she's been wrong for years.Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day.

That all they have syndicated and formed an union
Well, one was a nurse and the other worked in a deli, so neither was ripping people
off by giving readings. They were genuine and did not give you a big sales talk
about all the phony future they want to sell you on.

Even if they have genuine ability, usually they read your thoughts.If you
suddenly change your mindabout something they have predicted, they will
be wrong.But you might ask, "why didn't they see that"?They saw your plans.
Plans can change.

Some people are genuinely psychic, but that doesn't mean that everything they saw
will occur as they saw it.Even Edgar Cayce, our most famous modern psychic
was considered to be 80% correct.20 % error.I have met many who claimed to be
psychic that were probably closer to 20% correct and 80% error.

Your first premise is false. If one exists the other does not necessarily exist. In fact, if you're a Christian you believe that you're dead until Judgement Day. There is no coming back according to Christian belief. But Christians do believe in demons pretending to be the deceased.

I'm an Atheist and I doubt that there would be many Atheists who believe in ghosts or demons. I certainly don't.

Ghosts are non-biblical.Depending on whom you ask, our souls go to heaven or they rest until Judgment Day.I know the Catholic church is very much against ghost-beliefs.

Oh, and we humans are not mentally ill.We are just irrational thinkers who will believe pretty much everything.

There are not reasonable theories for god or ghosts.If there were, experiments could be constructed to test the theory.

Until then … both are wishful thinking.

I see no rational correlation between the existence of God and ghosts. Regardless of what percentage of the population believes in ghosts is of little consequence. I've never ascertained that people who believe in ghosts are mentally ill, that would be as silly as you saying it.

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