Pisces Man, Cancer Woman – HELP?

Asked: Pisces Man, Cancer Woman – HELP?

Let me first start by saying, I don't want anyone to judge me based off what im going to say.

I started getting into Astrology at the beginning of this year, I was getting out of a four year relationship with an emotionally abusive cancer/leo man .. after i went through a lot of heartache with him, i started searching online compatibility for cancers, and pisces men seemed to be the most, ever since then ive been thinking a lot about finding a pisces man, and i believe that he came into my life, via cosmic ordering, kind of .. more like the law of attraction, – have this subconcious list of things i want in a potential mate, physically, and all around as a person too .. it is crazy how similar we are in terms of our background, growing up, family status and stuff too .. I an really intuitive, and sometimes i feel like I can be really psychic .. for example, my ex boyfriend- i had debated wether or not to get into a relationship with him again, and i had a dream – his current girlfriend, was telling me to stay away from him .. i also felt like she might have his baby sometime soon, and sure enough about a month ago i found out she was pregnant .. i always have these "feelings" about things, but i don't trust them enough .. The way i met this pisces man really sucks .. I heard of him through a friend, he is currently getting out of a long relationship … He is ex-military, too he just came back from afghanistan 8 months ago .. Ive never met a pisces man before, he is very perceptive, and very intuitive .. he noticed a lot about me, I think thats what drew me to him .. I am really insecure, Low self esteem .. we have the same birth date, mine is july 18, his is march 18 … I added him on fb when i heard of him, and i was instantly attracted to him, i decided to start talking to him one day, i went to his apartment and we had sex- yes very un-cancer like of me, and i regret it … because i basically just let him use me, and i did everything he wanted .. but i helped him a lot, he said i was very motherly, except he is still clearly in love with his ex girlfriend .. i overthink the situation a lot, and i have a feeling this isn't going to be the last time i see him, but I don't know how to handle the situation .. should I just let him go? .. he moved away .. its kind of a good thing, because i get to work on myself, and hopefully next time i see him ill bea new person, but i really want him. to be the one, i truly felt a weird connection with him;.


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