Pisces Aries cusp with cancer?

Amora Asked: Pisces Aries cusp with cancer?

Okay so I'm a cancer girl and the boy I like is Pisces Aries cusp we're both bisexual. He's not really feminine but he wears eyeliner (I swear) but his voice is like all deep and he's sorta muscular. He does get very easily frightened n all though. Well
anyway, I don't know what to do. I really am attracted to him. Problem is I cant read him. He's just so mysterious to me and well usually I am the one reading people but he's a huge mystery to me. I think that's part of te reason I get attracted, the mystery. But we can read
me so well I honestly strt to think he may even be some sorta psychic or something. So the problem is I get really confused abt him.
Like I really wanna talk to him, but like I can't tell I kinda feel as though he may of been attracted and lost interest or just needed some time to himself I couldn't quite tell. Well anyway so at times we talk on fb n stuff n he was always telling me tht he has to go so to just text him so I would. Lots of the times though when I texted him first he would say that he has to go cos he's with people and to text him agn later. Is that just an excuse or does he really wanna go cos well even though he doesn't mind talking to me he's honestly with people? Last time I talked to him though I just messages him
on fb n the convo didn't go far but I couldn't tell if it was jut cos it was a how are you sorta convo. He seems really nice though n I would really like to progress forward with him even if it means we can just be friends I'm
Confused n don't know what to do. I just want to finally have a healthy relationship though with a guy thats actually nice n caring cos most of the ones I know aren't. I don't really get
to even see him face to face much though cos we don't go to school with eachother anymore. What to do???


mjmj Answered:
no such thing as cusp

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