Paranormal activity in my house?

Dusty Melford Asked: Paranormal activity in my house?

Okay. So while at my father's house, I had seen an image go from the couch to the computer. He claimed he had psychic powers and did this ritual thingy. Well, after that I felt REALLY sick and passed out. It hadn't occurred since then. Recently, I have been seeing, hearing, and sometimes feeling the spirit. Tonight, I got in the bath and while I was washing my hair, I felt pressure on my chest and I was pushed under the water. I feel scared because of this. I am optimistic about this. I just don't know about this all. Am I psychic? Or is this all a coincidence?


Quinn Answered:
Whoa. Crazy sh*t, man.

Jazman Answered:
I would be worried about having optimism about being scared..

Hopefully it is nothing but extra heavy cream rinse…

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