Ok look you are not receiving me right?

Asked: Ok look you are not receiving me right?

when I gave out a poser i Said about a wage right?Right I will explain this way and maybe you supposelyclever lot will be stumted Or will you.
Now you are a carer getting say only 89 per fortnight and you are looking after a disabled lady 24/7 you want to have electrolysis but you know you only have limited amount of money to have treatment and then you find that electrolysis is at the range of 75 pounds so how on earth can you have a part-time job hey you supposely thinking you are clever person because you are very wrong you canothave a part-time job if you are looking after a disbaled person 24/7 youare limited to go places so see if you can get out of this because when you find that you are at loggerheads with yourself you find that you canot find someone in your life because you have have treatment to have hair removal ok it is all very well you saying you can still have it? you see you can't because you have got to pay for food electric and gas so Now can you see the problem I am facing it is not easy see I canot have a girlfriend or boyfriend without telling them I have to shave in mornings if you think you can come up with the solution thenyouneed to be a psychicreport from lena scott


is this supposed to be a question or a rant….which usually goes on facebook
Don't be ranting and raving on Yahoo answers you mad woman. Go and post on fb where people give a ****

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