New, New GOD in Town!.

The six MOST important truths EVER put forth. In the creepiest and strangest way. This is, "THE GOD" manifesting IT's self to give the answers to the questions, Philosophers, Holy men, scientists, and all the great thinkers have been looking for. This is, "GRACE" through Quantum Mechanics. The God has also given the equations in psychics, but they would not have been very understood or entertaining. It makes some of, "Einstein", theories look quite simple. Einstein, himself doubted the growing, expanding universe. This was proven by the, "Hubble", as well as the theory on, "Black Holes". ALL these TRUTHS will soon come to LIGHT, as the evolution of "Humankind" continues to grow and spread, WE ARE "THE EVOLVED" and there are many more of US then the sheeple are aware of.