NELL [Skydragon fan fiction] Trailer

Nell is a Skydragon fan fiction made by E.jia of Skydragon kingdom Title: NELL Genre: Horror, Comedy Rating: R (bloody scenes) this is a story about the 2 Psychics named Kwon Ji Yong and Lee Chaerin with their 2 best friends Seung hyun and Bom who are destined to cast away ghosts and evil spirits with their Psychic powers. but they didn't expect that their journey will lead them into a very deep relationship that will make them fall in love with their partners… will good win against evil? does chaerin know about jiyong's past? can jiyong protect chaerin? is TOP already falling in love with Chaerin's bestfriend (BOM)? is it true that LOVE CAN REALLY DESTROY MAN? wanna know more about this story? follow and read it here

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