Need help with a free psychic email reading?? ?

nicole Asked: Need help with a free psychic email reading?? ?

I am so lost,confused and don't know which way to turn. I would like to know which way to go. Can someone help me out with how do I get a free psychic email reading??

Please only serious inquiries only!



Mrspapalazarou Answered:
It sounds as though although your sister likes to think she is independent, shes not! But im afraid your parents are probably mostly to blame for her behaviour. You didn't say what kind of abuse it was so im assuming its physical? This in itself effects people in different ways. Whereas you have learned to 'cope' with it, she clearly hasn't, and is holding alot of resentment towards your parents for whatever it was they did to you all.
As for you in a relationship, she is jealous of you, simple as that. I think she loves you but probably doesn't understand how you can deal with this and she cant. You're right, she does need help. Perhaps your parents should talk to her and tell her this, as i cannot think of any other solution.
Really you are the stronger of the two and she looks to you for re-assurance. Listen to her, and support her as much as you can, up until the point she crosses the line, if she does this and your not happy with her reaction e.g. her walking in between you and your bf, stop, look at her and say please dont do that, i wouldn't do it to you so please dont do it me. Be direct so she knows you will not take any nonsense from her.

I hope all goes well, it would be beneficial for her to seek medical help as i feel if she doesn't, she could also succumbed to suicidal thoughts.

Francis Answered:
The visons, the angels, the mutant rabbits, and the irrelevant thoughts are just your mind's natural way of organizing itself. Everyone is different in this regard.

Hoggrim Answered:
Psychosis doesn't have a percentage. Except for the binder trash and the "killing humans" jibe, This could actually sound like schizophrenia symptoms. Hallucinations, confusion / memory problems and anhedonia (lack of joy in things you once found enjoyable). Find a shrink.

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