Need a psychic to find a lost item?

victoria Asked: Need a psychic to find a lost item?

I've lost an Ipod Nano in my room, I've searched the entire house and know its still here somewhere. Please help, its silver if that helps. Thank you in advance.


Ninabi Bossert Answered:
Check clothing pockets.Check a stack of books and papers outside of your room.

Grillparzer Answered:
As a psychic I can't tell you where it is, but rather where it will be.It will be in the last place you look.

JayJay Answered:
I'm getting the colour purple. look in a purple clothes item or something purple

Mary Kontrarry Answered:
Have you looked in the trash and the laundry basket?
Try the bathroom, too.
And any spaces between your mattress and the bedframe.

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