Natural Witch????????

Asked: Natural Witch????????

As a 13 year-old male, I am a loyal, and dedicated Christian, worshipping only Jesus Christ. Despite my religous views, I've always had an interest in witchcraft since age 6. (I understand how dangerous magick can/will be, and I know for a fact that it's nothing like Harry Potter). I've always played with (fake) spells, but later tried real ones involving real material. Besides my aptitude for witchery, I've also had psychic occurences such as; a premonition of a human skull, as well as a window, (after writing it down), 4 days later my little (step) brother and his father got in a wreck due to drunk driving, and his head came in contact with a window, resulting in 15 (or so) staples in his head, + (out of anger) I've made my moms boyfriends' car break down. I've also had experiences with spirits after moving into a house, which once belonged to a psychic. I have done a few spells with my step-brothers'/sisters' mom (who's catholic). It was a binding spell (which I disliked participating in) for her ex-bf, and it actually worked, but later wore off. I've done more such as; a wish spell for my (11 year-old) neighbor who wanted her mom to return home (after running away with her boyfriend), after performing the spell, her mom returned not long after. I've actually decided to become a Christian-Witch (which is a real thing), following the religous views of Christianity, as well as worshipping Jesus, but also associating with the art of witchcraft. But, my question is, am I natural witch. Judging by my statements above, can you give me a plausable (sorry if I've spelled that incorrectly) explanation for these incidents??? (Im only 13, and experimenting, so please no rude/innapropriate answers, I am merely searching for an explanation).


Okay first off witch means wise one.
A witch in the olden days was someone who raised their kundalini and had acheived an all knowing state of consciousness.
I'm a "witch" myself and you sound like total b.s.
Witchcraft has nothing to do with materials.
It's all the power of your mind and soul.
Christianity was made to remove all this knowledge and enslave us
When man has control of evil spirits = not a good thing
thinking their speaking to dead loved ones.. very great delusion 🙁
the explanation is simple, all this is made up crap. The adults you see acting like this are scam artists, and the kids you see talking about majik are just watching too much tv and pretending.
so you can either be a liar and scammer, or you can be an idiot, but you can't be a witch.

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