Name of Television show in 1995 that predicted 9/11 with Nostradamus?

Asked: Name of Television show in 1995 that predicted 9/11 with Nostradamus?

When I was a kid, in 1994 or 1995, I saw a television documentary about psychics who predicted the World Trade Center bombings in 1993. They went on to talk about how a middle eastern man will send 10 bombs to the United States, 8 will be stopped, but two would hit New York City, and all this would happen in 1999. I remember being really freaked out and telling all of my friends at school about it. My mom had to comfort me by telling me it was a silly show. When 9/11 happened I made the connection and couldn't find the tv show. It may be A&E's Ancient Mysteries: Ancient Prophecy, but I can't find any clips from that episode online and it's 1996, too late. It could also be Ray Comfort – The Secrets of Nostradamus Exposed, but the YouTube clip of it didn't seem right. Has anyone else seen what I'm talking about? Does anyone know what show it was and how I can watch it again?


The Never Happened BS Show.

Ray Comfort is a major lunatic.

We do a lot of Ouija Board here in the western world :3
Sometimes the spirits can be good or bad, but it's best to mess with them; even if you're curious. In some cases people claim to see, hear, or know things that no one else knows… secret knowledge or people's name for example but those are the people that end up being the criminally insane… my best guess… don't mess with the unknown if you've been warned.
Take his warning to heart. Please don't touch that ouija board without proper training…there is some real scary stuff out there and he perceives it, whether insane or not.
Rough estimate there's about 780 million people in the world with psychic gifts. Many know they have it, some don't know they have it–and some have been driven or are being driven slowly nuts by their abilities. There was a recent episode wher a young man was in an institution because he was hearing voices; as it turned out, he was picking up the thoughts of others [telepathically]. In the real world, that can happen. I used to hear what others were thinking when I was younger, but eventually outgrew it.

I am fortunate to have a doctor who believes in ESP and psi abilities and live in a place where even the psychologists and therapists also accept it, so when you say you hear voices the people don't immediately think you are crazy. Unfortunately that's not the norm and far too many people would first think of schizophrenia or some other disorder, making sure that sadly, some otherwise sane people will be misdiagnosed because telepathy or clairaudience or clairsentience is not medically recognized. It also doesn't hlp matters whre there are some places where a psi ability is going to be mistaken as some kind of evil work of the devil, leading to suppression and maybe bad mntal consequences because those abilities are being suppressed. when psi is involved, nothing is ever easy– or simple.

Anyway I'd bet money that your friend's father or whatever is a psi in some way. And by the way, psi gifts run in families whether Peta knows it or not.

Its hard to say because I'em a pyschic and i believe in that stuff but at the same time my dad has a mential disorder also and when he was in a bad state awhile ago he acted saw things and ect. i believe. I would say go with ur gut feeling because I dont know your whole situation.

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