My Rottweiler has become more and more aggressive…I am lost on what to do next :(?

Sandie Asked: My Rottweiler has become more and more aggressive…I am lost on what to do next :(?

My passion in life are animals. I have worked with them for the past 8 years and they are my everything. I made the decision a couple years ago to get my first dog and adopted my Rottweiler, Lewie, from a rescue organization in Colorado. I met Lewie at 5 weeks old and took him home with me at 8 weeks old. He was found in a foreclosed house in the garage with his mother, as well as his siblings. Lewie was the shyest one of the bunch, but was very sweet.
The day I took him home, I brought him into a Doggie store and he immediately screamed at the top of his lungs when any other person would try to pet him or pick him up. I knew right then that Lewie was going to need a lot of socialization. I lived in a town at the time where I took him on walks and he met people constantly. He continued at this time to be fearful with strangers, but never bit anyone. I recently moved back to Minnesota (where I am originally from) and brought my Lewie with me. We moved into a home, where we have a fenced in back yard, and lots of love and attention from my roommate and I everyday. Lewie is the sweetest dog that you can find, IF HE KNOWS YOU. I am working with a trainer for this issue. In the past year, Lewie has bitten 4 people, unprovoked. The last time he bit someone was yesterday and it was a "intent to harm" bite. He bit the trainer while he reached in to my car to take Lewie out.
Because of the liability of Lewie and going through most EVERYTHING I can do to change this behavior (which includes thousands of dollars worth of training, serious socialization, muzzles, dominance, no bed, no couch, love, attention, lots of activities, vet advice, and even pet psychics).I am very heart broken and desperate at this point and want to do everything that I can to possibly find a place that Lewie can be, and not have to euthanize him. I have been directed by trainers that have worked with aggresssive dogs for over 35 years, that have suggested euthanasia to me. I feel at this point that the only place he can go, is somewhere that he can live a happy and full life.I am absolutely willing to continue working on this with Lewie. The infortunate thing is that my roommate (who owns the house that I live in), is not willing to take on the liability of him, and no insurance will cover him under my renter's insurance because he has the history, plus he is a Rottweiler. I cannot afford to purchase a home or move out of where I am, which that is what I would do if it was possible. I also, cannot afford to hire trainers over and over to work with him. Which I would need to do both to help him. I am at a point where I just don't know what else to do but try to find him a home where someone can do for him what I want to do for him. Which…is one of the hardest things in the first place that I have had to do, let alone it has not been successful. My next option is to put him down, which right now, I am not sure if I can even believe I am thinking about.
Also…please use compassion, not attack with your answers, I am in a complete shock state of mind at this point that I am even having to consider these things. Thank you.


radwan Answered:
Well i know this sounds wierd but what about sending him back to the rescue center ??

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