My All

Lyrics: Hands up in the air, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna give God all the glory here on this track, I'ma hit this church up like it's my last, I'ma I'ma give praises like it's my last, I'ma I'ma hmm hmm, like it's my last, swear I'ma swear I'ma give him my give him my give him my all (x8) give him my all (x8) I'ma praise Jesus like it's my last, throw it up for 2010, like its like its my class, Throw away my past like it like it got trash, haters gonna hate but they jockin my swag, Racin for the savior so I'ma drive fast, blessings on deck so I'm blowin my cash, God make me shine like its like its my flash, I'm dealin with that prophecy, psychics my (woo!), I'm cheerin if you love it, I'm cheerin if you hate it, either way you put it, with God I made it, Life is what you make it, so let him make for you, besides God was alive way way before you, I know that its more to, life and then death, once I'm risen in Heaven its life and then breath, And I'ma breathe forever, all hail the king as my rhymes shine clever, like they roll in sheen, I got that Mr. Clean, my rhyme scheme fresh, I got God's favor, so tell me whats next, He got it mapped out so I follow his steps, the one and only Heaven is the kingdom I rep (Chorus) I'ma be in church like its like its my last, I want my faith high pride low flow smash, I wanna give my family everything in my stash, and wear God's will like a prince wears a sash, I want my life to be about him not I, start askin when and where, instead <b>…</b>