Might I have psychic abilities?

Em Asked: Might I have psychic abilities?

My grandmother, dad and I have always experienced little coincidences: Thinking about people before they call, thinking about a song on the radio before it comes on, etc. I've also had a few dreams and "gut feelings" warning me, either about a person or urging me not to go somewhere, only to find out later that there was an accident, conflict, etc. And I've always had awful deja vu. I've always been able to chock up most of these instances to logic: I might think of So-and-So because I haven't heard from him, and so on. But within the past year, I've noticed things in my environment breaking or malfunctioning: My car acts up whenever I'm about to take a long trip or when I'm otherwise feeling stressed; lights turn themselves off and on without being touched; a bowl placed upside down on a table has flown across the room…basically, lots of little things happen which may have some pretty mundane explanations. I also live in a college dorm, and I believe that energy can do some weird things. But I've always wondered if perhaps I was psychic and if I should cultivate any ability I might have?


Chris Answered:
i doubt it some people may say yes but gut instinct can do a lot
Malicorne Answered:
Psychic powers do not exist. I would check into a mental institution long before I thought I had them. You probably drive a bad car or only noticed bad experiences which is why you said "or when I'm otherwise feeling stressed." It shows that you put emphasis on bad things that happened when you were pissed which perpetuated the feeling of bad things happening at important times for you. A bowl across the room was probably from your hand or w/e hitting it without you noticing. Dreams are what you subconsciously think generally and gut feeling don't count. That is emotion which for people can over ride their sense of logic. While emotions are important I wouldn't try to apply your logic to an emotional experience or you get bad results like thinking you have psychic powers. Deja vu can be described in several ways in your instance. If you think you have psychic powers or may have them other "symptoms" may show up. So based on my assessment your problem is psychosomatic. You perceive things incorrectly because you have jumped to a hasty conclusion and it's all in your head. Well all but those powers anyways.
Rose aka Lisamythical Answered:
You might do. It's very uncommon though. I hope you get help. Sometimes your mind can slip into other malfunctions.
Domino Answered:
This is one of those things that requires more than just a one sided answer. If you're up for it, I'd be happy to discuss it with you over email. I believe there's an email button on my Answers page.
Andie Answered:
The second one.
Xiaoyu Answered:
I absolutely adore them both! However, I choose number 2, as it isn't as common as zombie apocalypse stories.
Aisha AlAmin Answered:
1!!!!!!!!!!!! it sounds sooo awesome but i would read number 2 too!
Lisa Answered:
I like the second better than first one because it is sound so interesting 🙂
Krista Answered:
Probably #1. I'm not into psychic stories. The plot of 1 would need to sound a little less clich though. 🙂
Each Individual Quest Answered:
They're both pretty awesome sounding, but if I had to choose I'd choose # 2. As long as it's romanceee, otherwise I choose # 1 hehe..
NGirl Answered:
I would definitely go for the second one. I have NEVER heard of a story like that and I would imagine it would be quite interesting. There are a lot of zombie/monster apocalypse books/movies out there, so it wouldn't be as unique. But, on a different note, if you are going to write, do both of them. They are both good ideas, so you could work on both. I personally know that sometimes, you get writers block, so it's nice to work on something else for a while instead of being stuck on something.

Hope this helps! 🙂

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