Mewtwo of Pokemon vs. Ness of Earthbound. Who would win?

Spongecakes Asked: Mewtwo of Pokemon vs. Ness of Earthbound. Who would win?

Psychic abilities vs. PSI. Who would win? You know the drill. Vote for who you think would win and give me some reasoning. More than just a lame sentence. Put some thought into it please.


Joe Aizen Answered:
Ness because Mewtwo was inspired by Giygas. Who Ness destroyed

Mark Walton Answered:
I was going to say mewtwo but my answer is changed to ness because I read the first answer and I remember that part

that kid from mu Answered:
who is giygas and mewtwo because he burned downed a island escaped from giovanios lab turned ash into metal and in the end is so bad@ss he doesnt need to be taught a lesson

Jerry Answered:
good question… i can't choose, they both have extremely powerful psychic powers, them battling could lead to the destruction of the entire universe and life as we know it. But i'd bet on Ness winning, because he has a powerful psi defense and a strong psi offense and the two combined maybe more than mewtwo can handle.

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