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Psychics Please Answer:

My Girlfriend just Dumped me, her Birthday is February 5th of 1998, mine is August 28th of 1994. We're still friends despite the breakup, she's Young and Beautiful and Delusional too. I gave her Permission to date other people and flirt with other people, she gave me permission too, but I never did, I was committed to her and her only. I gave her permission to try to teach her a Lesson, which was that even if someone gives U Permission it doesn't make it Right to do so.

We still Love each other, and we Resolved some things, but I still feel like I'm being kicked in the Face for no reason.

But Idk, she has like this Evil Streak that needs to be Destroyed once and for all, she's Irresponsible and Immature, and I feel like the guy she is Dating now is just a pawn to make me Jealous.

I don't like being used, by no one for any matter what so damn ever. So I'd like to know if she'll ever Learn her Lesson in Sensitivity, and if she'll ever Truly Change.

She Dumped me, then she started Dating this Guy a day after she Dumped me. And God, she would tell me all of this Delusional crap like ''Oh when we skied together he gave me wings, and I felt so Free'' I'm like pfft really? she said pretty much the same right before we were gonna Date, she said to me ''Oh I feel so Free with U, like anything can be done'' which was probably True but besides the point.

She used to be worse, in Fact she would pretty much tell the guy she was with before me, and she told me as well that she was gonna Marry them then have Kids with them, then she ends up Dumping them in the Trash like me. The BF she had before she dumped me tho Deserved it cus he was a ********, but I didn't Deserve it.

I know I shouldn't have sent all the messages I did before she got back from this trip where she met this guy who is now her BF when she first told me bout him when she got back from this trip, but I Learned my Lesson, and it just hurts to feel like you're useless and someone doesn't Love U anymore, so that was why I was so pissed off at the time I found that out.

I Apologized after she got angry at me when she got back from the Trip, but she said hurtful things to me like ''I'll never date U again'' and for her to not give me a Second Chance, especially after all I did for that girl, just didn't seem alright.

We're ok now, and everything is settled down and she even said she was sorry for being mean to me for absolutely no reason. But I still feel and know that she has a long long way to go, and I'll be there for her while she goes thru it, but if I know she intentionally does something bad to another person, screw it, I won't even be her friend. I'm giving her till she's 21 years old to fully grow up and Learn her Lessons, if she can't by that time, I'll have to leave her for my own Safety. I'd rather defend what is right then defend Pure Evil if she actually ever goes that far.

She's a good person, but really insensitive, she thinks playing with Feelings is a Game and that its ok to do, but it isn't, cus if she does that to others, it will be done to her one day, thats what U get when U do bad to good people, U get it done to U just as bad or even worse. I just hope if a guy dumps her, or even if the dude she is with now whose Birthday is July 7th of 1998 I think, even if he dumps her (Which I doubt but I don't know what he is like, and I know nothing of his past) if that happens, I just hope she learns from it.

I helped this Girl get Sober, when no one else would, I helped her get Clean from the Sex Addiction she had from her previous BF before me that she ended up Dumping, when no one else did. She Respects me for that, but I feel in some ways as if I am unappreciated for what I Sacrificed for her.

It was only an internet Relationship, cus I don't know her in RL (Real Life) but I know her well enough to know who and what she is. Stubborn and hard-headed for one, she hates anyone giving her Advice no matter how much Experience they have more then she does too.

Her Parents don't Supervise her enough, and they let her Drink Underage, I'm sure they're good people but still…

I don't know whether I ever will be back with her one day, or if I ''Should'' because I don't wanna get back with her, if I know she hasn't Matured enough and Learned her Lessons to a full intent so that she would break my heart again. Which I will never let happen to me again.

I never had Sex with her, never sexted her, hell she was the first GF I ever had period, and I'm not the type to just want Sex from any girl period, I actually helped her get Sober, and Clean from a Sex Addiction she had.

Please answer:

1. Will we ever be together again?

2. Should I leave her as a friend?

3. Will she ever Learn


believerinjesus37421 Answered:
Have you ever asked yourself why you find things like this so fascinating? The reason, I suspect, is because down inside you feel uncertain and nervous about the future and think these things might help you feel more confident.

But this is precisely why I urge you to put your trust in God alone for the future. As I have often said, predictions like these about the future are almost never on target (or else they are too vague to really mean anything). Why build your life around them or get your guidance from them? They are only a substitute for the guidance you really needwhich is from God.

My other concern, however, is one that I hope you will take very seriously. These things may seem innocent and amusing at firstbut it's easy to get more and more fascinated with them, and eventually become involved in occult practices that are not from God.

Don't be misled: Occult practices are not from God, but from spiritual forces opposed to God. Instead, put your faith and trust in Christ. When we know Him, we know we are safely in His hands no matter what the future holds. The Bible is right: "When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists … should not a people inquire of their God?" (Isaiah 8:19).


EvilMonkey417 Answered:
Your just a little girl who didn't get hugged enough, maybe daddy didn't say he loved you.. The fact that you believe that you are psychic or a vampire is ridiculous. You should be locked up in a mental asylum.
Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods Answered:
There are no such things as vampires.

1. Vampires, defined as a humanoid that MUST consume blood or energy to survive do not exist. Cut and paste time, as it is too much work to type this out over and over and I recycle my own answers instead of retyping them.

2. The human body is not designed to process blood for nutrition. There is not enough protein, carbohydrates, and fats present in blood to maintain a complex creature such as Homo Sapiens or any theorized offshoot mutations. When a human ingests food it is broken up into a bolus by chewing, then churned up in the stomach with digestive juices to form a mass called chyme. It then passes through the pylorus into the duodenum, part of the small intestine where it mixes with bile salts and secretions from the pancreas and liver which continue breaking it down on a molecular basis. The broken down nutrients pass through the wall of the intestines and into the bloodstream where they are carried to each cell or stored for later use. Indigestible bulk continues through the intestines, turning a dark brown from the bile.

3. A person physically unable to process his own food for nutrition therefore also could not process blood its the same process. Ingested blood does not transmit directly to the veins anyway it would be chemically broken down by the digestive system.

4. Theoretical ingestion of blood to supply these nutrients would therefore have to occur at least once a day, and would require the ingestion of the entire blood supply which could not happen as the stomach is far too small to hold that much liquid volume. Hold up your clenched fist under normal conditions your stomach is about that size. Furthermore, such a mass would be difficult to pass thru the intestines as it has no fibrous bulk, would create an intestinal impaction, causing massive vomiting from the large concentration of iron present, and any real vampire would have to eventually expel the waste, which would come out as a black, tarry, smelly goo, just as stool does when blood is present from a upper GI bleed.

5. Even if a vampire feeds once a week, and his victim also becomes a vampire, that is exponential growth, with 4 iterations a month. 1st iteration: 1 makes 1, total 2. 2nd iteration: 2 make 2, total 4. 3rd iteration: 4 make 4, total 8. 4th iteration: 8 make 8, total 16. 16 vampires at the end of 1 month, 256 at the end of the 2nd month, 4096 by the end of the 3rd month, 65,536 by the end of the 4th month, 1,048,476 at the end of the 5th, and 33,572,832 vampires at the end of half a year! Do the math vampires are a mathematical impossibility.

6.The humans who profess to be vampires are victims of an all-encompassing self induced delusion. They are as human as you or I, regardless of their claims. Note that there is absolutely no scientific or medical proof that these people derive any benefit at all from the ingestion of blood, and even worse are the so-called psychic vampires, because their delusion is one that they cannot substantiate with any concrete evidence at all.

7. There is no vampire gene. People are not born as vampires. When a woman goes to the hospital for prenatal care there are many tests done on mother and child, even while still in the womb, to check for many things, including genetic anomalies that result in deformities and birth defects. If such a gene existed, in todays world with todays technology it would have been found we have already completely sequenced the human genome. It would also have to follow Mendels law of dominant/recessive gene theory. Again, the odds on that many vampires all escaping the notice of the medical/scientific community are so low as to be almost nonexistent. The idea that there is a global vampire community engaging in controlled breeding to keep the bloodline pure is delusional in the extreme.

Fantasii Answered:
A psychic/medium is someone who talks to the dead. I'm not trying to be mean just irritated me a little. You're not a vampire it's not possible for a humanbeing to become one or be born as one it's possible to be psychic but i think before you even think about calling yourself one you need to get the names/meanings right. There is such thing as a vampire energy sucker but even they ain't real vampires they just drain the heck out of you and by the way draining people of there energy is a silly thing to do so cut it out :).

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