Looking for a real psychic talk to?

bill Asked: Looking for a real psychic talk to?

If you are you will pick my answer as best because I have a funny thought for you.


H Answered:
Everyone has psychic abilities though most ignore it or don't pay attention…or simply don't believe in it.

For some, it's more pronounced than others.

Dreams can be a good time where people see things however, there are also times where they are false. It sounds like you are taking this very literally. Perhaps it should be taken more symbolically?

dajavu = deja vu

We can't tell you if you're making this up. This is something you're going to have to talk to a trained psychic (who won't be selling you anything or lying or doing cold readings on you) at a seminar or a class where you can learn to hone your skills.

we're not equipped or trained to help you with this. This is up to you.

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