Lady Picture Show Bass Cover

Ho Ho Ho! Since you've all been so naughty this year I get to stay home and get my "Stone Temple Pilots" on. That Robert DeLeo is one hell of a bass player and always comes up with interesting bass lines. This song is "Lady Picture Show" off of their "Tiny Music" album. I got a number of requests for some type of Christmas song but I really don't like any Christmas music period. This was the best I could come up with. I hadn't planned on covering this song but it's fairly straightforward and doesn't travel around the neck too much so it fit the criteria for playing blind. The visibility in this mask (and most of the wearable masks I own) is terribly poor, as is the ability to breathe. The only thing I could see was the 7th fret and was able to feel my way around from there. I'll know more about the effects of the oxygen deprivation later I'm sure. I got the Santa suit probably 10 years ago when Lynn and I were in a Target store after the holidays and saw it on clearance for 90% off. My cost was less than $10. I couldn't afford not to buy it at that price. I got the mask, "Naughty and Nice", a few years later when Darkside Studios came out with it and wore it at the first Halloween party we had in the new house. We always have some sort of entertainment at the parties, usually magicians, psychics or mentalists, but that year we got a fellow, Tyler Fyre, straight from Coney Island, NY. Tyler and his assistant did sword swallowing, human block-head stuff, carved a pumpkin <b>…</b>