James Randi w/ Vincent Damon Furnier – Negative Energy ;-)

Hi all you critical thinkers, If you have a moment, please do explore how the Amazing Randi came to be "anointed" as a source of "negative energy". Lots to explore. ❧▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Vincent Damon Furnier (Alice Cooper): You know, I think I got to tell you a great story about Randi. Randi carries a cheque in his wallet. James Randi: Used to. VDF: Do you have it now? JR: No. I don't carry the cheque anymore, because we don't do business that way. That's old fashion now. VDF: (James Randi carried a cheque) to debunk anybody that could prove that Uri Geller was psychic. JR: Or any psychic is psychic, for that matter. VDF: Uri Geller happened to be the guy at the time. JR: Yup. VDF: It was really a unique thing. 'Cause, everybody was into psychics. Everybody wanted to believe in this. And yet, here was Randi going against the flow. Going "No," he says "you gotta prove that to me." JR: Well, at our display table outside we actually had million dollar cheques signed by me, but it says right there in small type that this is not a valid cheque. VDF: But, there was a time where you did have a cheque that was… JR: Oh, yeah. I had a ten thousand dollar cheque and that was the initial that I would sacrifice that immediately if somebody did something really psychic. VDF: Yup. That's an amazing thing. That somebody would go against the flow, of everybody wanting to believe in this, to go the other way. JR: Well, the thing is these so-called psychics are doing a <b>…</b>