I’ve always prayed to God for mutual love OR fame… is that wrong?

Madge Pie Asked: I’ve always prayed to God for mutual love OR fame… is that wrong?

I haven't gotten either.

I'm 26 and I've never been truly loved.

When I was 19 and 20, I really liked a guy. We dated a little, but nothing too serious (which was his decision,) but oddly enough God answered all of the prayers related to him. Prior to him, I never prayed about guys or money…but with this guy, I prayed that he would call me just one more time…and he did… and I prayed that he would talk to me just one more time even if it was to break up w/ me, just so I'd have closure..and he did. Well one day I hit my knees at church, lit a candle, and prayed that either I'd end up married to this guy, or that I'd be famous. Within the week, his relationship status on facebook changed from "single" to "In a relationship" …that was 6 years ago. He has since married that very girl.

And Ive been left behind to fumble awkwardly through painful romantic blunders… I know it sounds shallow to pray for "fame," but ever since I was a little girl I had prayed that I would make a real impact on the world..that I would touch lives. I've tried every avenue for fame and am still trying (classy avenues only, of course…) Since I was about 7 my most common prayer has been, "Please God let me be famous..for a good thing…" it's too easy to be famous for something bad, and that's not what I'm about.

I've really been put through the ringer, especially in the love department. I've loved but have never been loved… but have found that God often answers specific prayers. Not that anybody here is a psychic, but is there a chance I could get my wish for fame? Or is God punishing me for ever making such demands to begin with? (some of my heartbreaks have certainly felt like avengence lined with the wrath of God.)


Colorado Answered:
Sometimes we have to meet God half-way. 🙂

Nutarei Answered:
Maybe He was trying to make realize there's other things in life to life for 🙂 are you happy about the rest of your life?
Some people never find love so they can worship God more 🙂 not on their desicion but The Lord's

don't think it was wrong lol

cj Answered:
Even though most of Christ's life was very hard on earth, Jesus could of prayed so many things, but what did it say Jesus prayed?……………..Not my will Father but your will be done in my life! this is the key to success because said i knew you before your were formed in your mother's womb! He also said the pages of your life are written, so he has all the awnsers for you! He just wants you to inquire about it, and ask for his perfect will, he will never stear you wrong,,,,,,,,never!

So start praying for God's perfect will in your life instead of what you think you want and see what doors open for you my friend, that is why God said come and taste and see that he is a good God!

chris Answered:
This world is wicked. One good way to reach good fame is threw gospel music. Dont lose faith if God doesnt answer all your prayers.

Moyra Answered:
The only one you need to impress or be noticed by is Jesus. Concentrate on that relationship. He will not let you down.

geessewereabove Answered:
Have you ever read the Bible? What you are praying for yourself and fame are both signs of going to hell!The Bible says we are to NOT want to be famous or well known. And we are supposed to be people that want to help others, not take all we can for ourselves.
Mirrors are a rather new item. It use to be know one even knew what they looked like!It is NOT what is on the outside that makes a person; it is what we are in our inside that makes a person.

Tia Tia Answered:
You ask a question that millions need to hear the answer for.Do you know how many people who believe in God and Jesus, that pray, will admit they ask to win the lotto? It is unreal! Here is the thing, we cannot pray for selfish reasons. We are to put God first and praise him every single day. Asking for things that are greedy are never going to be heard. Some people become rich and they may not be Christians. That money was not a gift from God.The bible does teach us that God allowed wealth (a lot) in biblical times. BUT those people earned it through their faithfulness to God.Today, Satan has his grip so tight on so many.Understand what prayer is truly for. Learn how to pray. I am willing to bet that a lot of people who believe in God only pray when they want something. Did you know that our God is a jealous God? He wants to hear from you all the time. When something good happens, thank him.When you need something…not want, key word is "need", ask for it. When you need comfort, ask for it. When you have stress and worry, ask Jesus to take that burden from you. But above all, praise God. Tell him how much you love him and ask him to help you have a stronger faith and a pure heart. When a person prays for something out of sin…like greed or lust, God is not going to answer that prayer.

You will meet your soul mate. Be patient. There is nothing wrong with asking God and Jesus to guide that person to you but remember, there is "mans free will". If someone is not going to call you or date you, that is their choice. It is tough being in love and not having it returned. Instead of asking God to bring that person back to you, maybe ask him to comfort you and look atit as if there is someone better for you out there. Thank God for not allowing you to make the mistake with the wrong person. There is always a bright side to it but never give up on God.

I have to say that your line on "praying for fame" struck me. That one threw up red flags. Consider this. What does fame do for your soul? How many famous people do you think make it to heaven? Maybe your sort of fame you seek is different than what I imagine though.If you just want to leave an impact on the world, try a different route. I have some suggestions but you will have to email me personally. I don't want to get into it over the public forum. Remember the bible scripture that tells us that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man go to heaven. (I did not quote it exactly). It is true. Fame can take a wonderful faithful man or woman of God and turn them into satan's child…greedy, vain, lustful, cruel and they obviously put themselves before God. I can't begin to number the celebs who do "charitable" things for people and broadcast it in the media. There is the scripture about not letting your left hand know what your right hand is doing. When you do good deeds….it is between you and God. Never boast or tell anyone.

I hope this helps some. Please keep the faith and know that you have a purpose. I sure hope to hear from you. God bless

Gabby little angel Answered:
Both are self seeking. God wants us to focus on Him first, others next.

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