Is this psychic real?

Asked: Is this psychic real?

I received an email from a psychic and he said I have to pay him money for him to help me. He also told me false information about myself (about my weight) which if he knew me he would knew was not true. He also wrote that nothing good has ever happened in my life (which I dont think is true) I have no way of paying him. He told me I have to decide something and that a complete stranger is bringing me bad luck (I recently got a VERY bad feeling about a person in the neighborhood) however this psychic mentioned this after I noticed it. He mentioned my horoscope (which a psychic shouldnt need to give me a psychic reading) I dont want a reading I just want some advice to get things under control (like really good advice not just "be yourself" or just listen to yourself) because when I listen to myself myself says "turn off your computer" then I wait for a thought to come about what I should do and nothing comes. I have done what it said and waited for hours. No thoughts came.

I also had another psychic reading from another psychic. But she did not give me advice to help me and said I have to pay her.


Yeeeah. Probably a fake. But keep an eye out on the person in the neighborhood that you're worrying about.
This psychic is FAKE, and probably is someone unprofessional.Psychics are legal because they are ENTERTAINMENT, so don't go to them to solve your problems.Psychics rely on the same stuff fortune cookies rely on, vague comments like "you will meet someone important soon" or "you have a special way with words".Stuff that people WANT to hear.Anyways, psychics aren't meant to find your weight or height, because you already know that (hopefully).The psychic was trolling you, and I recommend you to go to a therapist.Anyways, psychic readings have not been proven and are very unreliable.

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