Is this Pokemon team good?

Shadow Mentor Asked: Is this Pokemon team good?

Arcanine(Flash fire) Lvl 63
moves:flame thrower, fire blast, fire spin, extreme speed, and iron tail

Swampert(Damp) Lvl 61
moves:ice beam,water gun, brick break, mud shot, and hydro cannon

Luxray(Intimidate) Lvl 62
moves:thunder fang, thunder, thunderbolt, double team, and ice fang

Lucario(Inner focus) Lvl 65
moves:close combat, dragon pulse, psychic, dark pulse, and aura sphere

Garchomp(Rough Skin) Lvl 66
moves: Dragon rush, dragon tail, dig, brick break, and fire fang

Tyranitar(Sand stream) Lvl 67
moves:hyper beam, ice punch, dragon claw, earthquake, and shadow claw

and when i ask you about this team, i don't want any smart-*** comments, just what you think about it


omer akkas Answered:
Good, but i would get rid of tyranitar and get a grass/fighting pokemon.

Ms Orion Answered:
Precognition. Nobody knows.

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