Is this normal.. deja vu.. psychic stuff possibly? please help?

Savannah Asked: Is this normal.. deja vu.. psychic stuff possibly? please help?

Lately it seems more than deja vu, like one time I had a dream (I don't know specifically what it was about) but i remember seeing a picture of my little cousin on a bored walk with a bucket behind her and a few weeks later my aunt had posted the same exact picture, it couldn't had been precognition OR deja vu, because I saw the picture in my dream before she had even posted it! And a lot of the time I'll get this really odd creepy feeling like i had done something the same exact thing WEEKS ago. Sometimes its not even something i'll be doing but also just feelings, like I had felt this way before. Most of the time I really don't mind but it has been happening a lot lately and I want to know why. I'm really open minded about things so if you could suggest some things that would be great. What do you think it is? And if this helps, I'm a 14 year old female. Also, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong category.


Toky Answered:
It happens to everyone, but it is more often and real for some, but not so for everyone. Actually, the thing is, it seems like our spirit is not limited by time and space, but can see things that is happening and reveal to us through dream or feelings, everyone has that revelation, a lots of them (more than ten) in one night, but we forget them, only those few once we can remember, some of them we just recall when we see it happening.
So there is nothing not normal with you. Some people train their memory capacity by first, before any other thing, writing down everything they remember intheir dream when they wake up, the first week they might just recall one or two, but it gets improved with time. But it needs also some skill to start interpret them.
So what I advise is that (because that's what I do), pray, and let God reveal to me what I need to remember and the meaning.
And God never fail, he indeed tells me. In fact, some nights (not every night because it's sometimes 'ugly') I ask him what's going on in my life or my family's life, and I see it through dreams.

Hope it helps.

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