Is this normal? Am I psychic ?

Asked: Is this normal? Am I psychic ?

Every time one of my family members is pregnant, I have a dream about fishes before I find out. Last night I had a dream, That a shark was eating a little fish. And This morning I found out my aunt lost her baby. Am I psychic. What does this mean ?


Jodi D Answered:
It could be an indication that you're psychic.We all are, to some degree.

Sarah Answered:
Little that some people know, we humans posses a spiritual sense often referred to as our sixth sense. Just like the sense animals have. They sense natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and earthquakes before they occur, so that they'd have a chance to escape and to live. Our hidden sense is flexible. It can be strong in some people and weak in others. Some people don't have this sense, they can be missing in some cases, Just like all other senses. This sense is all about dreams and deep feelings. It is said to be strong in mothers who have experienced giving birth; They feel when their children need them and when they are in danger. I know all this because i made my research. i was curious, as i experienced it myself. I dream of something, wake up and it happens in real life. This happened to me since grade school and it still happens to me now "at the age of 18".

Hope i helped, and good luck.

Ava Answered:
You sound like you are a prophetic dreamer, I don't think it's weird, I think it's pretty special. Readup more on prophetic dreams to help you understand your gift.

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