Is this a psychic ability?

Peace Love Asked: Is this a psychic ability?

I feel that I am very intuitive…I can look at someone and tell what kind of a person they are. I can be next to someone and literally feel their emotions ( don't know how to describe it, I just feel the vibes in the air) and tell if they are angry, sad, happy, etc without them ever showing it on the outside. I can sometimes predict what people are going to say, and I can predict certain situations that are going to happen. I've also had 3 dreams of some of my friends being pregnant, and found out a few weeks after each dream that they were actually pregnant.

I also had a dream where my uncle was in the hospital, and in the dream i was asked by a family member to go and retrieve his son and his wife from the hospital cafeteria and tell them something along the lines of they need them in the room now because he is getting worse and he wants to be with them….this actually happened about a year later, almost down to the exact details in my dream. Several other things like that have happened to me as well.

I'm not saying I can predict future world disasters or read minds to find dead bodies at all, but I feel I am very intuitive and really good at reading people. The only thing is, i hate it. because i can often tell which men are good men and which men are just wanting to use me and those who are no good, which the majority of them so far have been…sometimes i wish i didnt have that ability, i wish i could just be like any other oblivious young adult and jump head first into relationships and enjoy them. it also causes me anxiety, as weird as that sounds, knowing things that people are going to do in the future or say.

if this helps any, my mother also seems to have this ability, except she's a lot better at it. is this normal?



Legacy SG Answered:
abnormal but you should be thankful for it.. Sometimes people had dejavu and sort, but your case is different but better.. so, use it wisely, your gift..:)

s Answered:
You're not alone. i am just like you and can sense energy and know a person's personality or who they are before even knowing them. you have very strong sense of perception and are sensitive to the energy around you. it is actually helpful, keeps you from getting hurt. now that i understand what i have I have been able to keep a lot of negative people out of my life and be around good people that care for me. and i have had dreams that have come true too. i don't really know what we have but maybe it's a blessing

Gazoo for Prezident Answered:
Nope.It's confirmation bias.

eri Answered:
No, you're simply picking up on body language and the rest is the confirmation effect – you remember when it 'works' and forget when it doesn't.That's not psychic, that's very normal.

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