Is this a good prologue type thing?

Boo Asked: Is this a good prologue type thing?

So, in books, there are things that the main character sometimes writes in books? Is this a good one of those:
Dear Reader,
Hi. My name is Lacey Courtney. I am a psychic medium. A psychic Medium is someone who use's a form of communication with spirits. I can hear and interact with spirits or "ghosts" as some people call them. I bet you are thinking that I communicate with all of them, anyone, any spirits that actually need my help. Well that is where you are wrong. I only help celebrities. I am all out for helping regular people, who died working 224 hours a day to support their family. None of that comes to me, I only get Celebrities. This is a story oftwo celebrities. Justin Hannen, a teenaged, Canadian pop star, and Leonardo Wavereck, an actor who who is most famous for his 1997 Block Buster film, "Queens", based off of the sinking of ship R.S.S Queens. I am just telling you, the ending, very suprising. You will never see it coming. I hope you find this a magical book, or not.


Izzy Willias Answered:
It seems kind of cheesy. But who doesn't like cheese, right 🙂 Go for it!

CloudedLeopardTomboy Answered:
I love the idea!!!! Keep going!!!!!

ashley goy Answered:
So this is basically about Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio, but you changed their surnames?

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