Is this a good pokemon white team? ?

Asked: Is this a good pokemon white team? ?

Myin-game team:

Samurott-surf, revenge,megahorn,aqua jet
Ferrothorn-curse, gyro ball, power whip, iron defense
Chandelure-shadow ball,will-o-wisp,hex,fire blast
Sigilyph-air slash,psychic,reflect,light screen
Sawk-bulk up, brick break,poison jab, stone edge
Krookodile-earthquake,crunch,hone claws, dragon claw

Keep in mind that this is just until I beat Ghestis. Samurott is pretty well-rounded, ferrothorn is a wall,chandelure hits hard, sigilyph hits kind of hard but mainly just sets up, sawk gives me diversity, and krookodile is also pretty well-rounded in my opinion. Any changes you think I should make tell me, but no inappropriate comments, or you will be reported. I DO have a life outside of this. Thanks


mikyla Answered:
Lol, chandelure ftw. Try switching one for a flying type. Rufflets good. Grass, water,fire, flying, and two out of ice psychic ghost or dark. A team of that works well, but urs is pretty awsome.

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