Is This A Good Pokemon Soul SIlver Team?

Nick Asked: Is This A Good Pokemon Soul SIlver Team?

I Just got onto Kanto Region yesterday, defeated the Fushcia Gym.
Anyway It's-
Typhlosion Level 54
Pikachu Level 12 (EXP Share/Training)
Scyther Level 17 (After Pikachu is trained up I'll do the same)
Umbreon Level 52
Gyarados Level 52
Lugia Level 52, for the record, I don't really like legendaries, but I havn't seen too many pokemon I like so far and this is an effective flying/psychic. Also, all have movesets that suit them with atleast 2 moves being their type. E.g. Typhlosion, Fire Blast and Flamethrower.
Of course I'm going to train all of them, but I'm focusing on getting Pikachu and Scyther up to level 50+ for the next gym, then gradually train them up equally for the elite four second round etc.


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