Is this a good Pokemon Black/White team?

The Boy Who Lived Asked: Is this a good Pokemon Black/White team?

Here is my team:

Giga Drain
Leech Seed
(filler move)

Stone Edge/Dragon Claw

Hi Jump Kick
Aerial Ace
Poison Jab


Sucker Punch/Night Slash
Iron Head
Iron Defense/Swords Dance
Brick Break

Bug Buzz
(fire move)
Quiver Dance
Hidden Power Rock

As you can see I'm still unsure about certain movesets, so if you can help me decide between moves I have options for, that'd be great.
But mainly, is this a good team?What should I change, what should I keep?Thanks!


Stop Reading My Name You Perv Answered:
No there is no Black or white people on the team.

Ryan Adrian Answered:
Yes, it seems like a good team except for one pokemon though, Bisharp. It has rather low hp and speed which makes it easy to kill even though its a steel type. I think you should replace it with a pokemon like krookodile or something like Hydreigon which is also a darkness type. And If you were to take Hydriegon i suggest moves like Dragon pulse, Flamethrower, Surf and Stone edge. For Serperior, ithink you should teach it Leaf storm and replace giga drain with Aerial ace to deal with bug types. Next Archeops, If your Archeops dies a lot, you could replace it with Braviary however if you like, you can keep Archeops as it has a high attack stat. As for it's moves, choose U-turn over endeavor and dragon claw over stone edge due to its higher attack stat.

Lastly, for Volcarona, Heat wave is a good move to use after using 1 or 2 quiver dances however beware that it has 90% accuracy so there is a chance you might miss but when you do hit, i guarantee a one-hit-ko 😀

Hope this helped! 😀

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