Is there such things as spells and curses and being psychic because after this, I’m getting curious.

Asked: Is there such things as spells and curses and being psychic because after this, I’m getting curious.

At first I thought these were coincidences but there's been too many of them along with too many detailed correct ones from my friend. Here, I'll give you 4 out of like 100 predictions she got right and actually she's never gotten one wrong. Not with me or anyone else.
Example 1- When we were 15, she told me I would end up dating my guy friend 2 years later, that I barely talked to. Then when I became 17 he asked me out and we dated.
Example 2- She said to me that I would hit a financial issue at age 17. At age 17, my parents took my college money, I nearly went broke…
Example 3- (this was the weirdest one)- On a school week, she said the next day I would find a turtle on the middle of the road in my neighborhood. Guess what? I did!
Example 4- When I was dating the guy friend, she said he would break up with me on January 1st, 2010 and nonetheless he did…
She told me she's not trying to make this happen on purpose. She can just see the future for some reason. I was like, how can someone do that? I'm being honest without exaggeration, she's done these things like 100 times so far, with no fail.


Some people are more sensitive that way — they're able to feel what's going to happen in the future; it's no big deal. But curses and spells ARE a big deal because anyone who does that and then believes that they can get away with it is delusional. A curse is a dark destructive energy sent out to hurt another person. It happens all the time, and those who do it will pay dearly later on, even if they do a "protection spell" for themselves. I've known those people. They're full of themselves, very egotistical, thinking that they can do whatever they want and get away with it. But the day will come when that dark karma will catch up with them — and you can count on that … but you'll have to find out about these things on your own … and good luck … be CAREFUL !!! …
Yes the supernatural is real. Joseph in the Bible could interpret dreams and see the future because God allowed him to- in the book of Acts Paul heals a slave girl who is gifted with the ability to predict the future(16:16)
I don't know your friend or what she actually said or her success rate. Thus, I don't feel qualified to pass judgment on her abilities.

However, whenever these claims have been made and we examine them critically we find they disappear. Google information from the James Randi Educational Foundation and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Yeah, there is such a thing as spells, curses, and psychic too. I think your friend is probably a psychic who can predict the future. That's a very beautiful gift but at the same time, it's like a curse too. : ( That's pretty cool though that she is pretty smart and intuitive, or psychic too…
SHES A WITCH!!!, just kidding, but i doubt she can see in the future. Maybe test her, if she got one wrong before im sure she cant really see into the future. but don't make her mad , she might curse u!

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