Is there such a thing as being "cursed" in finding love?

Priscilla Asked: Is there such a thing as being "cursed" in finding love?

I'm 30 years old and never been in a serious relationship, when I do met a guy/go out with a guy/date-heends up not being interested in me for some reason. I try sooo hard to look my best, to act like a lady, act mature, etc, etc..nothing works…A few months ago, I went to a psychic fair and got a pendulum reading-I asked the lady if I was ever going to find someone…she said that I might have someone before March…but so far, I haven't met anyone..I also asked her if I was going to get married, the look at her face didn't look reassuring…What is the deal here? Why can't I find love right away like other people? That's pretty sad that even a psychic would hint that I won't meet anyone anytime soon..Am I cursed?


Zim Woolfrey Answered:
Trust me your not cursed.. Maybe theres a special someone out there for you but you just havent found him or her yet..
Su Answered:
You do not equate to cursed (trust me). You just need to take your time and that seems just fine.

Do not let any so called psychic impact upon your psyche. Most times, they do not even know their minds until someone waves a few dollar bills under their proverbial noses.

Would you like a laugh? I wrote the following one day after meeting up with a psychic who thought she knew everything.

There once was a psychic imperious
On matters of spirit delirious:
She would often confess
To nine past lives, no less,
And more when the drink made her serious!

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