Is the universe and existence really there?

Asked: Is the universe and existence really there?

We all know that the universe is expanding because of the Big Bang. We are also moving in time from the beginning to the end. We all know that the energy of the universe is slowly lost because of entropy.

However, Quantum Physics indicated the universe we know is not really here. In fact, we created the universe due to our presence and observations.

If that is the case, how can the universe be really expanding? Is it only a figment of our imagination? For that matter, are we really here? Am I really typing this message now and asking this question?

Furthermore, if reality is created by our observation and beliefs, are we really moving in time? Does time really exist? Many psychics, many people with near death experiences and some researchers have already said time DOES NOT EXIST.

So is the universe REALLY EXPANDING or does time REALLY EXIST?

Or are all these only a figment of our own imagination?


I don't have the kind of imagination necessary to imagine your question so therefore you must exist. Since I am observing your question I exist. If you and I exist everything which supports us (which is everything) also exist. Therefore ipso facto expexto patronium we are all existing for at least the rest of the day.
To have imagination, you must exist! And time definitely does exist; it's not its existence we aren't sure about, it's its nature. We can prove mathematically that it exists, we don't understand it fully conceptually. Also, there is debate on what constitutes an observation. I personally believe that it is any particle-particle interaction, which would mean the universe would still exist regardless of whether we did or did not.
You misunderstood the quantum physics law. Yes it exists from our existence, however we don't imagine it. It exists because we have the ability of perceiving it. Long story short, yes. it exists

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