Is psychokinesis even real?

Avishek15 Asked: Is psychokinesis even real?

ok i am obsessed with these things these days. Pyrokinesis,hydrokinesis,psychokinesis..
But are they real? Anyone succeeded? Seen anyone doing it?
I really want to learn something

How does psychics accept it? I mean lighting a candle,putting it out, put something on fire…. How is it possible.
Even if its possible then anyone can do anything….
Please give me link to learn it.
Btw i was trying to move a pen. Thought about moving it for5mins and then i failed. It didnt even move a millimetre………..


John Answered:
There is not a good scientific reason for thinking so, no.Certainly nobody has ever demonstrated the things you describe, despite the many stories you'll read on the internet.People sometimes convince themselves they have these powers by doing bad experiments. For example, some convince themselves they can use psychic powers to influence the movement of a candle flame, when it's merely the chaotic motion of the flame itself and room drafts at work.Or they put a paper "psi wheel" on a pin and try to move it with psychic powers, when it's only their breath or even air convection from their warm hands doing the trick.

Ron Answered:
It's a wonderful idea and I can quite imagine and appreciate your obsession with them, sadly not one of them is possible, and any photographs you have seenare fake, any other 'evidence' is purely anecdotal.

I'm not surprised your pen didn't move, you can however fool some friends by balancing it on the edge of a table or desk, the slightest draught or if you practice, a little puff of air will move it.

Have a look at this great link of a so called psychic being exposed, finally he comes clean at the end, both Danny Korem (mentioned in this link) and James Randi (Million dollar challenge fame) are both professional magicians who now devote their time, not necessarily divulging trade secrets but exposing frauds who claim 'God given psychic powers' Uri Geller who exposed as a fraud by James Randi is another classic example, here's JR showing how tyelekinesis is performed.

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your soul

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