Is my pokemon team good enough to be the elite four the second time and is the moveset good and what

Marrion W Asked: Is my pokemon team good enough to be the elite four the second time and is the moveset good and what

Zekrom lvl 76-draco meteor,fusion bolt, thunder, dragon pulse
Emboar lvl 78-heat crash,flame thrower,blast burn,head smash
Samurott lvl 68aqua jet, scald, aqua tail,razor shell
Lucario lvl 67-extremespeed,dragon pulse,me first, aura sphere
Hydriegon lvl 65-dragon pulse,dragon rush,hyper voice, crunch
Mewtoo lvl 74- psyshock, power swap,psychic,poison jab


Toasty Answered:
I am completely sure this team is suitable for the job. I would level up your Hydreigon to 70 or higher since he is your only dark type and a crucial roal in defeating the ghost and psychic part which is half the battle. Mewtoo and is great for the fighting portion, will totally defeat all of them. I would change some of Samurott's moves since they are all water, try to add variety to your movepool for him. Emboar can defeat breloom on the fighting team. He is probably your weakest pokemon and the worst fire/fighting starter..I would consider changing him for a better fire type. Zekrom can handle himself lol..Lucario is a beast, his fighting type is great for darks and his steel great for everything but keep him away from the fighting team. Even with two legends I would still carry at least 1-3 revives and potions just in case 🙂
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